I Cannot Afro Dance (Adventures With Mira)

Once upon a time, I met Mira through Volunteer Odyssey This was swell for a variety of reasons. For one, Mira likes nonprofits, community change and all that nonsense. Let the nonprofit gabfest commence.

Mira is also something I’m not. Mira is a planner. Planners are excellent people to be friends with. With planner friends, you usually wind up doing awesome things like spending your Saturday trying to Afro dance over at the Water Tower Pavilion and failing miserably.


This girl did not fail at Afro dance. Perhaps this is because she was the instructor.


Chalking things up. Go, Mira, go!

20140608_Afro_Dance_07Right before the storm set it.

Thanks to Axel for the music.

Through My Headphones
*Just Jammin’ -Gramatik


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