Memphis Farmers Market 101

I recently decided a good way to spend the wee hours of Saturday morning would be by volunteering at the Memphis Farmers Market. Well, actually Sarah over at Volunteer Odyssey (who has kindly introduced me to several incredible Memphis nonprofits) suggested the market; I just picked the time. I’m here to tell you it was a fantastic choice.

Here’s a deep, dark secret: I love getting up early. You know, once I’m actually out of bed. It’s the whole getting-out-of-bed part that’s hard. Sometime after sleeping through all five alarms, I jolted awake at 5:38 a.m. and made a mad dash over to the market, barely making the 6 a.m. call. Whew.

Let’s start with some fun facts.

1. The downtown Memphis Farmers Market is hosted out of the Amtrak station.

20140607_Farmers_Market_07Perusing the market in the early hours.

2. Gale is a whiz at the credit card reader. I am not.

20140607_Farmers_Market_06Gale also has Instagram and several blogs. Working my flip phone is an immense challenge and I can barely keep my one blog under control. I plan to stick by Gale and learn her secrets.

3. SNAP/EBT cards are accepted at the market. Whaaaaaaaa!

20140607_Farmers_Market_04Just plain ol’ regular tokens. The SNAP ones, which are only worth a dollar a piece, look mighty similar though.


I think that’s it for fun facts. Here, have some produce.




Music courtesy of Anne.

Through My Headphones
*Saint Claude -Christine & The Queens


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