DIY T-Shirt Tote Bag (Or, I Don’t Own Chairs)

I moved to Tennessee a few weeks ago and realized I didn’t own a dresser. A practical person would’ve done something practical, like bought a second-hand dresser for $10. Instead I built shelves that cost more than $10. (Clearly a post for another day.) In the midst of building shelves, I realized I didn’t have anywhere to put my socks. Shelves are good for pants. They’re good for shirts. They are not good for six million pairs of socks. A practical person would’ve gone out and bought a tub or something (if, you know, she hadn’t already bought a dresser). I discovered I had a t-shirt I didn’t wear and decided to turn it into a sock bag. Because a sock bag just screams practicality. A Girl Scout had a really nice tote bag tutorial and I had a pair of scissors, so I set to work. 20140501_T-Shirt_Tote_Bag_03 T-shirt from swell 5K I did with Megan and her family way back when.

20140501_T-Shirt_Tote_Bag_04 Chop off both the sleeves (leave the seam) and make the neckline larger. You’re supposed to trace a bowl around the neckline for a nice, smooth, round line. I just went at it.

20140501_T-Shirt_Tote_Bag_02 Turn inside out. Sew across the hemline. Invest in a chair.

20140501_T-Shirt_Tote_Bag_01 Turn right side out and fill with your socks. Or groceries. Or whatever. Ta-da! On a gardening note, at least 10 shoots have emerged from the soil and they’re not even all weeds. Hurray!

Through My Headphones
*Hey Hey Hey (It’s Gonna Be OK) -Stephanie’s Id


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