Sort Of Camping And Almost-100%-Cotton Socks

I got back to the States and decided it was high time to go camping. So Peter and I piled into the car, braved some rainstorms, and drove to La Crosse to pick up Sam for a fantastic camping trip. Unfortunately telling time isn’t exactly a skill set of mine, and we arrived six or seven hours early and discovered Sam was still at work. This is OK because we are very good at occupying our time with adventures.

Adventures We Had In La Crosse

1. We had a picnic of Nilla Wafers and granola bars in the parking lot of Sam’s work while waiting for him to wrap up. (This was before we realized we were six or seven hours early.)
2. After determining that Sam said work ended at 6PM and not 6AM, we decided to go drive toward a big hill in the distance. This turned out to be Grandad Bluff.

Some plants at Grandad Bluff.

View from Grandad Bluff.

3. Grandad Bluff was very nice, but we decided to try our hand (or, more accurately, feet) at hiking, so we got back into the car and off to the La Crosse Blufflands-Mathy area we went.

Our feet got a little wet and chilly.

Some trees and fog.

Peter found a dry part of the trail, which was very nice, but alas, my feet were already damp.

We were just starting on a path near the Myrick Hixon EcoPark when Sam emerged from work and we zipped off real quick to the camping area.

Starting the EcoPark trail.

We had optimistically packed tents, but the rain and lightning looked like they were about to make an appearance, so we opted for a cabin.There was a wood burning stove in the cabin and I came up with the swell idea of drying my 100% cotton socks on it. These socks are Super Sox and some of my favorite socks ever. They are six or seven years old and have exactly zero holes in them. I don’t think they even make this particular sock anymore, which is a right shame.

While my socks dried, the three of us ventured up a big hill, looked at some farm land, and ventured back down the big hill as thunder echoed in the not-so-distant distance.

We came back to the cabin, the smell of burning plastic, and 1.5 not-quite-100%-cotton socks. The other .5 was melted in a small puddle on the stove and required emergency removal with the help of a metal butter knife.


The first hole my pairs of Super Sox have ever had!


Despite the loss of my socks, it was a very nice night watching nonstop lightning from the cabin.

Through My Headphones

*Snaggletooth -Vance Joy


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