Minnesota, Chirimoyas, And Tiny Tortoises

A couple days ago I took a long overdue road trip to Minnesota to visit El and her tortoise, Stompy. We visited for a grand total of 22 hours before I turned around and headed back to Wisconsin. 22 hours is plenty of time for adventure, though, and so we hit up the best Asian grocery store (Dragon Star) and the best little ice cream store (Conny’s Creamy Cone) and also some CD store (name forgotten). Adventures in Minnesota are always swell.


Visiting Stompy the Tortoise

Chirimoya is a very delicious fruit that I tried in Peru. In Peru it had the taste of strawberries and cream. In Minnesota it had the taste of $7.19.


Minnesota chirimoya -decidedly not worth the price.

Through My Headphones

*How You Survived The War -The Weepies


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