Back To Los Cerros And Back To The States

A few months ago, we visited los cerros to visit some friends of the Sisters. We headed back again, water barrels in tow. My aunt’s second-grade class collected money for the Sisters here in Peru and then her whole school jumped on board and collected money throughout Lent. The money they collected was used to help purchase these water barrels for families living on los cerros. Water is difficult to collect and store, and so the water barrels allow families closer access to water.

Shameless plug: Please consider making a contribution to the Sisters’ work. Donations allow them to continue to provide assistance to families in need, as well as the elderly. The Sisters also work with children in Huaraz and Cajamarca. The address is in Wisconsin where one of the Sisters is originally from, but 100% of profits go to the Sisters’ work in Peru. Checks may be made out to Daughters of the Pieta and sent to:

LaCrosse Mission Office
PO Box 4004
LaCrosse, WI 54602



Carrying a water barrel up.



The soccer field has been completed since we first visited!

20140327_Los_Cerros_05And also this cat is still here.


And then all of a sudden, there we were -throwing the fifth avocado pit in a nearby park (well, casually dropping it so as not to attract too many stares), saying goodbye, and packing up our belongings. After three months of hiking, Peruvian food, bus rides (as my former roommate Gina put it, “Cusco or BUSt!”), and a good number of other adventures later, we were back in the States. A tremendous thank you to everyone who hosted, entertained, and helped us these past few months. We greatly appreciate each of you!

Through My Headphones
*Too Cold -Current Swell



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