The buses resumed service a day or two into our stay in Urubamba, so shortly after arriving, we hopped one to the nearby town of Ollantaytambo.

We wandered around the town for a bit, checking out maps and a local market. I think our initial goal was to check out some of the ruins, like the ones above, but we got distracted by a trail snaking up a mountain thing.


Ruins from a distance.


The river below. Impending storms seem to be a reoccurring theme on our hikes.


We ran into a herd of cows blocking the path and decided to detour, forging a trail up some abandoned terracing and winding up at the base of this rock thing. It was too late to climb much higher, so we settled for admiring the view.

Also, big thank you to the empty tour bus that picked us up from the side of the road after we stumbled off the trail several hours later.

20140325_Ollantaytambo_05Working seatbelt!

Through My Headphones
*Two Way Street -Kimbra


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