To Las Salinas De Maras!

Another colectivo ride later (where we spent a suspicious amount of time in the lefthand lane), we wound up in Urubamba. We’d planned to go to Ollantaytambo the following day, but now the colectivos were on strike to protest high gas prices, so we ended up walking to las Salinas de Maras, which are working salt pans nestled in the hillside.

After getting lost for a bit, we finally made it to the base of the hills and worked our way up.


Salt pans!


More salt pans!

Going back the way we came seemed boring, so we took the road and started scouting for trails down to the river.20140324_Salinas_04

Looking back.

Trails were sporadic, so we half made our own down to the river. It was a great walk!

Looking out over the salt pans.

Through My Headphones
*Own Side -Caitlin Rose


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