Being Sick, 16, And Raising A Cat Long Distance

The past few weeks have been spent hiking and trying to stave off some type of sickness. The latter is rather depressing since I rarely get sick (but doesn’t everyone claim this?).

I finally gave up and quarantined myself to the room where I spent a gross amount of time sleeping on my bed surrounded by little piles of cracker crumbs and half-completed journal entries. The time I did spend awake was used to write brilliant cover letters, take self-portraits that only further emphasized the fact that I appear 16, and look at photos of Koz.


True story: Last summer when I stopped by a middle school clinic to say hi to a volunteer, one mother asked if I was a program participant.


I might be a terrible cat owner. Two weeks after officially-officially adopting Koz, I moved to Peru. My interactions with him are mostly Skype-based and go something like this:

Actual Conversations

Me: Koz! Koz! It’s me! Hi Koz! Hi!
Koz: (Looks briefly at the screen before returning his attention to his ping pong ball)

A recent Koz accomplishment: Ripping open a 16-roll bag of toilet paper and removing half the rolls in order to sit on said bag.


Koz. I’m very, very disappointed in you… Aw, shoot. Look at those eyes. (Photo courtesy of Dustin Moore)


Through My Headphones

*Ready To Start -Arcade Fire


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