Peruvian Travel Snippets

A few days ago, we packed our bags, waved goodbye to Chivay, and hopped a bus to Puno.


One last walk in Chivay.

On the way to Puno, we stopped at a very pretty lake. I wasn’t very thrilled with any of my lake photos though, so here is a photo of a nearby cat.


Cat along the journey to Puno.

Puno is home to the floating islands of Lake Titicaca. The islands, which are inhabited by the Uru people, are constructed out of totoro reeds and very neat. We are more hiking than guided tour people, though, and were anxious to get back to the trails.


On one of the 42 floating islands, trying to scout potential trails from a little lookout tower.


Through My Headphones

*Not Enough -J Mascis




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