Backroad Adventures (Continuing Off The Beaten Path)

We continued on our backroad trek from Ichupampa to Lari to Maca with the main goal being to beat the impending storm.


Impending storm.

The weather stuck to the mountains and we stuck to the road, climbing up, up, up some hill with the hope that Lari would be on the other side.


On top of some hill, looking out over the road we came from.

The good news was that Lari was on the other side. The bad news was that the storm was progressing and we had no idea where the bridge to Maca was. We asked for directions, took a path, and ended up at a dead end. To the left was a wall with cows behind it; to the right, a wall with fields behind it; and straight ahead, a cemetery.

We opted for the fields, hopped the rock wall and plowed through some hava beans. (Shelling hava beans is a two-step process. First you remove the outer shell, then an inner shell, to expose the hava bean. I am not a hava bean shelling expert. Yet.)


Hava beans on the right of us, something else to the left, storm straight ahead.

Alas, we jumped the wrong wall and were forced to backtrack to the cows. Luckily the cows seemed relatively uninterested by our presence and we continued on to eventually find the bridge to Maca.


We crossed the bridge and promptly lost the path.


So we made our own.

And continued to make our own up some farmer’s terracing. The rock walls dividing the crops were covered with cacti. It was a potentially prickly trip, but we made it to the top spine-free.20140319_Ichupampa_Lari_Maca_07

Looking out over the terracing.

The weather held off, we ate some chocolate, and then took an hour-long colectivo ride back to Chivay with, at one point, 23 other  people and a dog. It was cozy.

All in all, a solid day.

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