Koz’s Peruvian Brother (Peruvian Life Snippets)

It was in Huaraz that I met Koz’s Peruvian brother, Harry. Harry was pretty swell, but certainly no Koz (Softest Kitty Ever).


Harry the cat

During the day, the convent’s collection of cats roamed the grounds and we walked freely. At night, the guard dogs came out and we barricaded ourselves in our little house from 8:30 pm to 7:00 am.

It took a week and a half before we cracked and started borrowing movies from the girls. (Hannah Montana: The Movie made an appearance. I’m not ashamed.)


View of the convent from our little house.

20140309_The_Convent_05Kitchen cat!

Through My Headphones
*La Temperatura -Maluma Ft. Eli Palacios


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