Hiking With My Sister (A Very Good Day)

My sister and I kept hearing that the hike to Laguna 69 in Huascarán National Park was spectacular. We’d also heard that it lake sits around 15,000 feet above sea level and the hike leaves you a little winded.

Being from the Midwest (not 15,000 feet above sea level) and having subsisted on a diet of mainly D’Onofrio ice cream and oil for two months (not healthy), we decided to prepare by walking up and down the hill the convent sits on. We walked it twice, called it good, and headed out with a group of Catholic Sisters and some Peruvian teenagers.

The hike was one of the best I’ve ever been on and wasn’t as difficult as anticipated. Plus I ate a lot of candy, which supposedly helps with altitude. Plus I just like candy.


My sister, heading out.


My actual sister and a Catholic Sister crossing Water Crossing #2 out of approximately 978 water crossings. It was a fearful hike for my camera.



Making a new friend!


My sister, way out in the distance, cleverly avoided mud and took a rock path. I thought I was following suit, but a suspicious-looking rock turned out not to be a rock and shortly after this photo, I found myself ankle deep in mud.


Approaching Laguna 69.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some photos of the lake up, but I accidentally took 600 photos and it’s been a little difficult to wade through them all.

Through My Headphones
*Fair -Remy Zero


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