I Am Not A Dentist (Identifying Talents)

When we first arrived in Huaraz, a group of dentistry students from Germany were volunteering with the Red Cross to run a temporary clinic at the convent.

The dentistry students were very good at being useful by cleaning and pulling teeth. My talents lay elsewhere, namely in the abilities to be tall and to correctly identify American pop songs to Peruvian teenagers. Any concern that my many hours of listening to Wichita’s 105.5 FM were of waste was immediately put aside in the Casa Hogar kitchen as the girls and I chopped vegetables, radio blasting.

The dentists successfully identified cavities, but I successfully identified that it is actually Rhianna and not Selena Gomez who sings “Only Girl (In The World).”

It’s good I went to college.

Despite our lack of dentistry skills, my sister and I set to work making little cotton gauze rolls for the clinic.


The closest I’ll ever get to being a dentist.


Probably the best cotton gauzes in the world.

Through My Headphones
*Now -Eyedea & Abilities


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