Our Pride, Swindling, And Cumbe Mayo

A few weeks ago, an incredibly embarrassing swindling incident involving us, the market down the street and two rather overpriced tuna fruit occurred. As this story was told repeatedly around the convent, usually followed with both peals of laughter and looks of pity, we were desperate to redeem our pride.

I don’t think most people try to swindle us, but sometimes it does happen. Recently we took a tour of Cumbe Mayo. Cumbe Mayo is near Cajamarca and home to a pre-Incan aqueduct system.

Buying tickets in advance turned into an almost-expensive adventure, but eventually my sister and I were able to negotiate the tickets down to the original price. We later recounted the story to one of the sisters.

The Sister joined us for the tour, and, while waiting for the tour bus to arrive, scolded the ticket seller pretty well for trying to swindle us and then whacked him (repeatedly) with her umbrella before informing him his watch was slow. It was truly a remarkable scene. No injuries were sustained, but judging by the look on his face, his pride took a hit.

(Cumbe Mayo was pretty neat too.)






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*Junk Of The Heart (Happy) -The Kooks


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