Adventures At Laguna San Nicolás

Back in Cajamarca, two sisters and a priest took us on a day trip to Laguna San Nicolas. Like many of our trips, it involved no seat belts and a lot of horn. It was very kind of them to take us, especially since it took a good chunk of time to get to and there’s no way my (actual) sister and I would have found it without them.


One of the little towns we drove through. The paint on the side is promoting a political party.20140205_Laguna_San_Nicolas_04


Laguna San Nicolas! We climbed around on the hills for a little bit and tried to avoid startling the mules.


Some neat plant. 20140205_Laguna_San_Nicolas_07

Swell treehouse found in the area. We did not climb into it though. Poor choice.

Through My Headphones
*Felicia -The Constellations


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