Carmen’s Family Visits

Last Sunday, Carmen visited the convent to speak with the sisters about enrolling her two oldest daughters in one of the sisters’ schools. Carmen also spoke with Madre Lucia and Sor Carla about some of the ways to improve her house (painting, expansion, etc.)

Also, big thank you to everyone who donated to the sisters, as well as a special thank you to Ms Corsmeier’s 2nd grade class, which is working to raise money for families! For those interested in donating, please make checks out to the Daughters of the Pieta and send them to the address below. The address is in Wisconsin where Sor Carla Maria is originally from, but 100% of profits go to the Sisters’ work in Peru.

LaCrosse Mission Office
PO Box 4004
LaCrosse, WI 54602

20140125_Carmen's_Family_At_The_Covent_01(l – r) Karen, Luciana and Madre Lucia

20140125_Carmen's_Family_At_The_Covent_02.1Luciana, Madre Lucia and Carmen


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