An Accidental Knitting Circle (A POR SUPUESTO Lesson)

I accidentally agreed to give a knitting lesson to the abuelitas. I don’t actually remember doing this, but that’s probably because I can’t understand Spanish and spend a lot of time saying POR SUPUESTO. This means “of course.”

Truthfully, I’m not terrible surprised this happen. A few years ago in Spain, I accidentally POR SUPUESTO’ed a question and ended up implying I was familiar with the order of the Spanish monarchy. I wasn’t.

When my POR SUPUESTOs catch up with me, my sister jumps in to save the day and translate for me. Muchísimas gracias, hermanita!

I decided to take my accidental knitting circle very seriously though and got to work on a list of words I’d need -pulgar (thumb), tejar (to knit), lana (yarn).

Knitting circle started out very well. Then I discovered all the abuelitas could knit and they could knit better than I could, so I took photos and tried to use the word “pulgar” as frequently as possible. All in all, a good knitting circle.



La professional! This abuelita had knitting down to a T. Plus, she knew a fancy way to cast on.


Through My Headphones
*Every Little Earthquake -Little Boots


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