Visiting The Fruit Market

Today Sor Juliana took us to the fruit market. As we prepared to back out into the street, the Sisters said a Hail Mary, which, once we entered traffic, made pretty good sense. Personally, I think a few more Hail Marys wouldn’t have hurt, but one sufficed.

While we drove to the mercado de fruta, I learned a new word –la bocina, the horn. La bocina seems to be a driving staple in Peruvian traffic. Supposedly one can get a ticket for excessive horn use, but I think it’s more of a suggestion than a law.

Before we left, the Sisters recommended that I leave my big camera behind at the convent, so my actual sister and I took turns using her little camera as discretely as possible. Photo results were mixed!



The fruit market was huge. I think we were told that it’s one of the best in Lima and many restaurants go there for their produce.


Sor Juliana bought papayas, mangos, bananas and apples for Novices in another city, and we loaded up the car. We didn’t say a Hail Mary on the way back, but I said quite a few prayers, mostly that we wouldn’t get in an accident that would send the cartons of papayas next to us flying.


2 thoughts on “Visiting The Fruit Market

  1. Hi Kat, Gina Adams and I were wondering where you had gone to! We are organizing teams from Blessed Sacrament Church to make sack lunches at the Warming Souls homeless shelter again this year. We were looking forward to seeing you again. Thanks for all your work with the poor. I know the good Sisters will take great care of you! Enjoy Peru!
    John Harris, Blessed Sacrament Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Wichita.

    • Hi John –

      Thank you for all that you, Gina, and Blessed Sacrament do for IFM and Wichita! It was a pleasure working with your group and I am excited to hear about the things you will continue to do. Thank you for the wishes!


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