Una Pulsera Aburrida (Or, Adventures In Peru)

Within 24 hours of moving to Peru, I made una pulsera aburrida (a boring bracelet), played a game of volleyball, and successfully asked someone “¿Donde pongo las matas?” which translates roughly to “Where do I put the you kill?” All in all, a solid day.

Three or four years ago, my sister and I discussed moving to some South American country. Last summer, we met a Catholic sister who lived in Peru, sent a few e-mails, watched the pieces fall into place, graduated from college/quit our jobs, and then yesterday we got on a plane to Lima to live with Catholic Sisters at their convent.

When we arrived we made an important decision: No food poisoning. I’m not sure if this decision is within our control, but so far so good.

Continuing. There are a good handful of abuelitas living at the convent. I sat with a few of them today and started to bead a bracelet. I possess limited beading talent and an abuelita deemed my two-color beaded bracelet to be too boring and suggested colores fuertes. I gave it another shot, only to have it deemed too long to be una pulsera and too short to be un collar. It’s a work in progress.

Also, the word for “place mats” is not “matas.”

20140115_View_From_The_Roof_01View from the roof. Then my sister and I discovered the grey tiles we were sitting on were actually red tiles covered in several layers of dirt and set to work brushing ourselves off the best we could before la misa.

Later that night, by some miracle, we managed not to completely humiliate ourselves in a courtyard volleyball game. The use of a very soft inflatable SpongeBob SquarePants ball probably had something to do with this.

Tomorrow’s goals, in no particular order:

  • Improve volleyball game
  • Bead successfully
  • Use the correct word for place mats

Through My Headphones
*Wheels -Jamie Cullum


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