Sandblasting Adventures

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to learn how to sandblast. Save for the time I sandblasted a bike frame, I know very little about sandblasting. Luckily my dad knows just about everything, plus has access to a sandblaster and a laser cutter. Clearly I was all set.

After doing some preliminary designs, we started laser cutting. I completely forgot my camera, so big thank you to my dad for all the sandblasting photos.


Laser cutting!


Card stock stencils, as it turns out, are too thin to withstand sandblasting.  So we experimented with cardboard, then felt, then plastics. Finally, a couple hours later, we determined that if we covered the card stock with masking tape, then cut out the design, all would be well.


Stencil material success!


Preparing glass #1 for sandblasting.




Completed glass #1


Completed glass #2 and a blueberry-banana smoothie.

Through My Headphones
*Heartbreaker -MSTRKRFT


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