Adopted A Cat, Sold The Couch, Quit My Job

Koz wormed his way into my heart again, so I did the mature thing and adopted him for my office. Koz, Official Office Cat.
20131223_Adopting_Koz_04Koz, officially adopted! You can tell he loves us so, so much.

This would’ve been a good plan, except that I sort of quit my job to have an adventure. See, 20-something-year-olds quitting their jobs aren’t very unusual anymore, but knowing this didn’t stop the panic. Back in November, I gave my two-months notice and immediately had a two-month-long panic attack. It went something like this:


Last Friday was my last day at work and that was hard because I really loved my job. Last Saturday was my last day in Wichita and that was hard because I hadn’t even started to pack.

Koz is staying with Dustin until tomorrow and then he will be Koz, 24/7 Office Cat. And then my former office will have a cat, but no Kat. Except I’m considering just sort of taking Koz with me on my adventures. Koz, Official Adventure Cat.


Preparing for adventures can be difficult. For instance, I had to sell my beloved yellow couch.

Yellow Couch was the best. Yellow Couch was the subject of several photoshoots. There was a time when most of my blog posts focused on Yellow Couch. Yellow Couch  served as a nap spot for a number of foster cats and as a bed for quite a few CouchSurfers and friends. Sometimes Yellow Couch’s cushions were used to make a big, comfy nest on the floor so we could drink tea and watch an obscene amount of Netflix shows.

(I just got confirmation today that Yellow Couch sold. I told my friend John, who once spent several nights on Yellow Couch. He informed me that it was a miracle Yellow Couch even sold, but I disagree. Yellow Couch is a steal!)

20111210_Wichita_Apartment_012012 Yellow Couch throwback photo. Goodbye, Yellow Couch.

Wichita really grew on me and I felt sad to leave. Before I left, I pitched Avocado Pit #4 in my backyard. My backyard might not have been as majestic as some of the places other avocado pits were thrown, but it was within view of the compost bin and I think my brother-in-spirit would approve.
20131228_Throwing_Avocado_Pit_01Goodbye compost bin.

Thank you Wichita. You’ve been good.

Through My Headphones
*Listen My Son -The Unseen Guest
*Shuffle Your Feet -Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
*Atlas -The Wood Brothers


3 thoughts on “Adopted A Cat, Sold The Couch, Quit My Job

  1. Yellow Couch sounds almost as epic as Fiery Orange Couch, Dustin’s and my ol’ hide-a-bed. When Erica and I got rid of it, I demanded visiting rights. And I have visited it. Twice.

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