My Martha Stewart Moment (DIY Mountain Christmas Ornaments)

A few months ago, a friend asked me to do something mountain-y for her birthday. A couple prototypes later and several weeks past her birthday, I completed three mountain ornaments out of scrap fabric, made a card, and tossed the package in the mail, which never actually made it to her house. Huge bummer.

I was fairly please with my Martha Stewart moment though, and made a few more ornaments for my family.



  • Fabric cut into identical triangles measuring about 5″ – 6″ tall each -I used a solid fabric for the back and a patterned fabric for the front
    • I cut out a nifty triangular pattern from newspaper for this part
  • White fabric cut into a ~3″X1″ rectangle
  • Scrap fabric
  • 4″ – 5″ of bias tape
  • Scissors, pins


1. Take your front mountain piece and lay it face up.
2. Fold the white rectangle piece in half. Lay it on top of the front piece and line the fold bottom up with the mountain’s sides. The open part of the rectangle should be at the top. This will be the snow on the mountain’s peak.
3. Fold the bias tape in half. Match the to ends to the mountain’s point.
4. Create a mountain sandwich by placing the back mountain piece face down on the front mountain piece.
5. Start in the corner and stitch around. Leave about a 2″ opening on the bottom.
6. Trim.
7. I also cut off the corner points. Now you’re ready to turn it right side out!
8. Turn the ornament right side out.


If you’re a smart cookie and haven’t thrown out your small fabric scraps, just use these pieces! If you’re not a smart cookie and threw out your bag of fabric scraps like I did on Saturday, take a piece of fabric and cut it into narrow strips.


Stuff your mountain ornament to the desired thickness.


Sew the open edges together.

20131230_Making_Mountain_Ornaments_06Oo a mountain range of ornaments!

Through My Headphones
*Stubborn Love -The Lumineers
*Rumour -Chlöe Howl
*Blackie -Rykka


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