French Braiding (A Mental Adventure)

I learned how to French braid recently. Recently being last year when I was at some conference. While everyone else did adult things like network, I stayed in my hotel room with my complimentary bathrobe to practice handstands and teach myself how to French braid. This is probably something most girls know how to do by fifth grade, but fifth-grade me was way too busy constructing sandals out of hosta leaves and building elaborate forts out of sheets.

[Side note: Last year I discovered a book of my mother’s titled Raising Your Spirited Child (A guide for parents whose child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, and energetic). I think this is a polite way of saying out of control.]

Anyway, I’m sort of on a life hiatus at the moment and figured I might as well learn something new. So I went to the library, checked out a book on hairstyles, snagged a sister and set to work.


It got tricky, so I grabbed some bobby pins, did a few hair twists and called it good. It’s a work in progress.

Through My Headphones
*Sleep -Allen Stone


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