Anne In Austin And Some Graffiti

A couple weekends ago I went to visit Anne and her roommate, Tim, in Austin. It was nice. That Saturday, we skipped over to Castle Hill to check out the graffiti and add some art of our own. I’d never spray painted before and Castle Hill seemed like the perfect place to start.


These walls have no idea what’s about to hit them—our talent is just that fantastic.



Budding graffiti artists.

I wore sandals to Castle Hill, which was sort of stupid considering the entire area is covered in pieces of broken glass. One of the pieces worked its way into my foot and filled my sandal with blood. It seemed like a problem for another time, so I did the logical thing, which was to take the piece of glass out and continue to spray paint.

I left Austin that Sunday and immediately started missing Anne and Tim. So three hours into my trip, I turned around and headed back to them.

Haha just joking. Shortly before Fort Worth, I stopped to fill up on gas and got on the wrong onramp. Shut up. It could happen to anyone. After 40 miles and a lot of profanity, I realized what I’d done and spun around. (Don’t worry Anne -I miss you too.)

Through My Headphones is from Austin today. I sadly missed the concert, but word on the street is that he’s pretty good live.

Through My Headphones
*Nice And Slow -Max Frost


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