Kitten Basketball (Plus Carpet Is Terrible)

When Koz left, it became clear that a rebound kitty was needed, so I got three.

Raj, Smokey, and Froggie weren’t Koz, but they were lovable in their own ways.



Shortly after I started fostering them, I found Kitty Surprises 1 through 4 well outside the litter box. These were followed by Kitty Surprises 5 and 6. Much to their chagrin, Raj, Smokey, and Froggie found themselves quarantined to the bathroom. Sorry little guys. At least I don’t have carpeted floors.

You know what I hate? Carpet. Carpet is proof that the devil is alive and well because God would never create something so tacky and useless. My hatred for carpet started sometime in elementary school after a particularly creative craft project involving lots of glue went astray. I halfheartedly tried to remove the glue from my bedroom carpet, but it didn’t go too well and that patch remained rather crunchy for the next ten years.

 Anyhoo, Dustin pointed out that I was just two kitties short of a basketball team. The Meowsketeers, Wichita’s premier kitty basketball team, was born.

In the past few years, I’ve gotten exceedingly good at entertaining myself without Internet or TV, and I decided my Wednesday night would be well spent making tiny kitty basketball jerseys for Raj, Smokey, and Froggie. Seriously, they owed me for the six Kitty Surprises.

In truth, they didn’t seem to protest the jerseys. The photos aren’t that fabulous, but they’ll work.


Froggie (#2)20131016_Froggie_Raj_Smokey_Kitty_Basketball_03

Smokey (#7)20131016_Froggie_Raj_Smokey_Kitty_Basketball_04Raj (#5)


The first scrimmage!

Then they kept me up for the next bajilion hours. My bed is 6′ by 2′. Surely most kittens would prefer to run around on the floor, but Raj, Smokey, and Froggie spent the night perched on my back and batting each other nonstop until I finally gave up and befriended my couch. Well played, kittens, well played.

Today’s Through My Headphones accompanies an incredible biking video. Watch it if you have a chance.

Through My Headphones

*The Wolves -Ben Howard


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