Lifestyle Envy (Adventures At Heartland Farm)

Heartland Farm celebrated its 25th anniversary. In September.

The funny thing is that I’ve had Internet for more than a month, but have only posted a scant number of times since getting it. This is because I use the Internet for more important things. Like Wikipedia-ing celebrities. 

I feel like I’ve gotten remarkably useless since I got Internet. It’s a little discouraging, so sometimes I just have to unplug everything and play the same two songs on the guitar really loudly for a good solid hour. Sorry neighbors.



Sr. Terry welcoming 25th anniversary guests.


I really appreciate a good cake.20130914_Heartland_Farm_05

Sr. Jane


Sr. Mary Ellen showing guests how to spin alpaca fiber.

I experience severe garden envy whenever I visit Heartland. This is because the Sisters are champions at growing everything and I’m a champion at growing mint and very little else.

Actually, I think I might just have severe lifestyle envy whenever I visit Heartland Farm.


Heartland Farm produce.


25th anniversary festivities!

Mid-morning adventure walk.


Crops on the next farm over.

On an unrelated note, Koz Kitty (aka foster #6) gets Best Kitty Ever award. Giving him back was rough.


Koz Kitty being awesome.

Through My Headphones

*Lovers In The Parking Lot -Solange


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