Alpacas And Majestic Beards

A few months ago I convinced Dustin that it would be a great idea to spend the weekend volunteering at Heartland Farm. I promised him it wouldn’t be too much work -probably just some light dusting, maybe we’d fold a few towels.

We arrived and were promptly tasked with digging out a tree in the orchard Well, Dustin dug out a tree. I pruned the pear trees. I don’t possess tree-digging-out skills.


Pear on an unpruned tree.

After our adventures in the orchard, we set about destemming a million grapes. There is something very rewarding about destemming grapes. Plus grapes straight from the vine are tasty.


Dustin destemming grapes.


Majestic beard!

Sr. Joan and I spent some time weeding the front garden and admiring the height of the asparagus.

This asparagus is out of control!


Dustin and I tried to befriend the alpacas and their crias, but they unimpressed by our efforts.


More majestic beard! I’ve been trying mightily to grow one, but to no avail.

Just joking.
Through My Headphones

*Zero -Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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