Tiny Accomplishments And A Kitten

A few months ago, I noticed my handlebar wrap was getting wonky. This wasn’t terribly surprising as I’ve had my bike for nearly a decade.


I took the mature route and ignored the problem.


It got worse. Finally the wrap thing got a little overwhelming, so I skipped on over to the neighborhood bicycle store and bought some new wrap.


It turns out that this handlebar wrap stuff is expensive. All of a sudden rewrapping the handlebars got frightening.


So I took off the left bar’s tape, considered rewrapping it, panicked, and called it good.

And that was April.

Sometime in September (OK, it was basically October), I decided, with the help of this lovely gentleman’s video, to conquer my handlebar-wrapping fear. I’m going to be honest -it was terrifying.


Right handlebar wrap is off!


Halfway there!

Truthfully, the hardest part was getting Koz the Kitty to stop batting the new wrap as I wrapped the bars.


Foster number six, Kozmo Kitty -best kitty ever! Giving him back was rough. Good thing there are fosters number seven through nine running around the bedroom now.


I’m terribly proud. Tiny accomplishments. I wish I owned more bikes so I could wrap more handles.

Also, I had to take another personality test thing at work. It told me that I had both creative and mechanical interests. You’ll noticed that the tests says interests and not talents.

Through My Headphones
*Will There Be Enough Water -The Dead Weather


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