Homemade Shorts Gone Wrong

While I was in Montana, Emma gave me what claimed to be a super easy culottes pattern. I am wary of all patterns, even those that claim to be super easy. Emma is an incredible seamstress. I’m really good at using my seam ripper.

Per usual, I ran into some snafus called: I-hate-the-length-of-culottes, I’ve-never-sewn-a-button-hole , and these-are-mighty-poofy. These culottes were a journey. Many alterations were required. They’re still bit wonky and I probably won’t wear them in public, but at least they look OK at a distance.

(One day I will photograph my sewing projects from start to finish. I promise. Unfortunately, I’m usually weeping too hard amidst piles of discarded fabric to remember to bring out the camera.)


Attempting to contain culottes’ poofy-ness.


Clearly horrified by the poofy-ness.

When sewing and life get overwhelming, I like to turn to my good friends Jay-Z and Tegan and Sara.

Through My Headphones

*Holy Grail -Jay-Z feat. Justin Timberlake
*Closer -Tegan and Sara


3 thoughts on “Homemade Shorts Gone Wrong

  1. LOL they look great in the pic where you’re containing their poofy-ness! the reality of the culotte’s (that word alone brings me back to my childhood) is, well, they ARE a bit poofy. ha! a valiant attempt and should be an encouragement to go for round two. you’re very close, well done. (plus, very cute photos!)

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