Glacier Adventures With Death Trap The Subaru Loyale

(This started out as a really long post about my recent misadventures with a Subaru Loyale, but then I got distracted. Plus I didn’t have Internet. Now it’s just a sort of long, outdated post about my misadventures with a Subaru Loyale.)

Some people think they’ve seen the most beautiful place in the world, but, unless they say Glacier National Park, they’re wrong. Glacier National Park is the most beautiful place in the world. I haven’t seen that much of the world, but I already know Glacier hits Number One on the list.

When I was 20, I decided to spend the summer in Glacier. It’s sort of silly how three months can completely reshape your life, but the time I spent in Glacier was my adventure catalyst.

For many reasons, mostly involving a lack of car, I’ve actually only returned to Glacier once since living there. As Emma and Keith very kindly let me borrow their Subaru Loyale during my visit, a trip to Glacier was necessary. I borrow a lot of things from Emma and Keith. I’m an excellent moocher.

Continuing. Inspired by its lack of airbags, I christened the car Death Trap. Death Trap’s top speed hovered around 60 or 65 mph. Truth be told, Death Trap was a pretty swell car.


Death Trap the Subaru! What a champ.

So off Death Trap and I went. As Death Trap had been driven four times in the past year and as my mechanical skills are about zero, I was a little nervous. Never should I have feared though, because Death Trap the Subaru Loyale was a very loyal car.

Death Trap and I made excellent time until we hit Going-To-The-Sun Road. I like Going-To-The-Sun Road when I’m the only car on the road. Aside from a poorly-timed hike that got me off the road at nearly midnight (being 20 is the perfect excuse for doing stupid things), this is almost never the case. It took more than two hours and a lot of profanity to go all 47 miles of Going-To-The-Sun Road.


Traffic stop somewhere along mile 40-something. Admiring this mullein plant along the road.

I finally got there and realized I’d forgotten pretty much every mountain name. Whatever. That’s what friends with memories are for. Thanks Nate.


I think this is Grinnell Mountain. Regardless, they don’t have these in Kansas.


Apikuni Falls.


Near Apikuni Falls trailhead the following morning.


Many Glacier Hotel and Allen Mountain.


Heading out.

In an effort to shave time off the return trip, Death Trap and I opted for Duck Lake Road instead of Going-To-The-Sun.  Terrible decision. Three hours and plenty of profanity later, we made it to the opposite side of the park.

20130808_Road_Home_01Taking a break on Duck Lake. Luckily Death Trap is a trooper and waited until Polson to overheat. No big deal. It just meant quality time with Death Trap and a sort of terrible book. Big thanks to Mark the Retired Police Officer for making sure we were OK and buying us lots of water.

Clearly going through a cover/mashup phase…

Through My Headphones

*Fever Variations -Karen Marie


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