Kerstin Gets Married And I Lose My Shoes

Kerstin got married recently and that was nice. I met Kerstin in 2009. Shortly after meeting her, Emma and I individually Saran wrapped each item in her backpack. Rumor had it she was forced to unwrap each item during class while the professor waited. Truthfully, I’m a little surprised that Emma and I even received wedding invites.

Kerstin’s one of those people who can make things look so elegant so easily, so naturally everything at her wedding was gorgeous, tasteful and clever.

I’m sort of a slap-it-together-call-it-good type of person, so I sense a potluck and maybe some store-bought cookies at my future wedding.


Emma and Keith being the cool cookies they are.




I spent a lot of time praying that there was no ring on this cushion. Or if there was, that it was firmly attached.


Kerstin and Ryan


Official! Woo!


Megan in a stolen fedora and suspenders. Clearly she’s been framed. Hahaha. OK. Done.


Unfortunately, as I was tasked with overseeing the chocolate fountain (a job I did rather poorly, as I was concentrating more on the tiny squares of pound cake next to the chocolate fountain), I was too full for cake.


Speeches and whatnot.


Toasts and whatnot.


I promised Kerstin I’d gift her with my rendition of We Can’t Stop by Miley Cyrus, but she upstaged me with a song to her husband. Don’t worry Kerstin -I’m going to play you that song…


Megan and Alyssa grooving, because sometimes you just have to have late-night post-party dance parties in the middle of Montana.


I’ve taken to going barefoot whenever possible. This can be tricky when you think you have your shoes and drive home, only to discover at 1:00 am, 5 hours before your flight, that you don’t. 20130811_Feet_At_Airport_01As I only brought one pair of shoes, I flew home barefoot. These things happen. My mom was beyond baffled. Big thank you to Nancy for finding my shoes and mailing them to me.

Through My Headphones
*Counting Stars -One Republic


3 thoughts on “Kerstin Gets Married And I Lose My Shoes

    • I’m pretty amazed too! Absolutely no one commented. I’m guessing they just thought I took my shoes off for security and never put them back on 🙂

      Hope you and Poppy are well!

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