Garden Envy And Mount Sentinel

If the apocalypse strikes, I have dibs on Emma and Keith. Emma can sew, grow, and cook anything, while Keith can build and fix anything. I’m pretty much useless, but have been told I have a nice smile. I’m not sure how that will come in handy during the apocalypse, but whatever.  20130806_Emma_And_Keith's_Garden_01

Emma and Keith’s fantastic garden. My garden envy is through the roof. 20130806_Emma_And_Keith's_Garden_02

They even have a gnome. 20130806_Emma_And_Keith's_Garden_03

Summer Bear, not impressed.

Even though I lived in Missoula for four years, I never summited Sentinel’s north summit. This is because I hate that trail and also because I’m lazy. On Tuesday I mustered some determination, started up the mountain and promptly ran out of water. It was a grumpy hike. 20130806_Mt_Sentinel_Summit_01

View from the top.20130806_Mt_Sentinel_Summit_02Backbends on Sentinel’s summit!

Also, I found this album on my computer recently. I have absolutely no memory of ever putting it on it on there, but I do like it quite a lot.

Through My Headphones
*But Promise Me -Mitchell Akiyama


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