Breaking In Gina’s Apartment

Gina’s moving into a new apartment. Since Erin and I spent three consecutive years living with Gina, we decided to help break in her new apartment by generously helping ourselves to most of her cran-apple juice and betting who’d spill first (seriously, an all-white apartment?), going through her cupboards, opening every door possible, and criticizing the way she locks her windows. I was getting ready to make some snide comment about her duct taped waste basket, but Gina kindly reminded me that the only reason it’s duct taped is because  I broke it when we lived together. This sounds vaguely familiar but, seeing as neither of us remember the details, I refuse to take responsibility.

Once we polished off our bottles of juice, we got down to business.

Actual Conversation:

Us: Hey. Let’s do some jumping photos.
Gina: Guys, I have neighbors downstairs…
Us: Well, you have to meet them some time.

I might get in trouble for posting these photos, but I love them and plus I live, like, 1,500 miles away.


Breaking in Gina’s apartment. Heel clicks are all the rage.


Breaking Gina. Props to Erin for the photo idea.

I’d like to dedicate today’s song to Gina and Erin -two of the biggest Ke$ha fans I know.

Yeah right.

Through My Headphones
*Crazy Kids -Ke$ha Feat.


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