Huckleberry Hikes

Sometimes life calls for you to drop everything and hop a plane en route to Montana. I figured I better listen.

Within twelve hours of me landing, Emma decided it was time to start adventuring, so up Blue Mountain we went with empty yogurt containers and huckleberry-picking determination. Swell choice.

Huckleberries are ridiculously tiny, but also ridiculously delicious. It took two and a half hours for me to fill my container, but maybe that’s because I kept eating them.


Huckleberries!  20130804_Huckleberry_Picking_03

Emma trying to reenact the berry scene from Hunger Games with an entire handful of berries. Then she started choking.

We found some black bear scat on a trail and also some bear hair on a tree, which was exciting. 20130804_Huckleberry_Picking_04

Karen and some black bear hair.

20130804_Huckleberry_Picking_05(photo left) Karen, Emma and Keith prepping for a sure-to-be fantastic photo. (photo right) Emma and me trying to teach everyone how to pose properly. Karen and Keith really have a long way to go. Good think Emma and I ooze of patience and incredible teaching capability.

Through My Headphones

*Circles -Soul Coughing


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