Homemade Ginger Beer

El recently sent me a recipe for homemade ginger beer. It’s super spicy and all-around fantastic. Recipe below. Big thanks to Rose and Sophie for letting me crash their house to make this.

Also, it’s really hard to type this with a cat on the keyboard.


*1 c ginger root, grated with skin on
*1 c sugar
*4 c water, boiling
*Juice from one lemon
*1/2 tsp yeast

1. Grate ginger for one million hours.
2. Add grated ginger root, sugar, and lemon to boiling water. Mix.
3. Once the mix is cool, but still warm, sprinkle yeast over it.
4. Put mix in container with loose fitting lid to allow gases to escape. I used Rose and Sophie’s juice pitcher with the lid slightly cracked. Allow to sit at room temperature for 24 – 36 hours.
5. Using cheese cloth or a fine mesh strainer to strainer ginger root remains. This is important. Don’t be like me and try to skimp (cheese cloth is $5! $5!!) on this step. Otherwise the ginger beer will be chunky and gross. Firsthand experience right there.
6. Place in container with a tight lid (I used a yogurt container, El used a 2-liter bottle) and chill.
7. Drink and enjoy!


Is mint even an appropriate garnish for ginger beer? Whatever. It’s the one thing that consistently grows in my garden.

Through My Headphones

*Shortly Before The End -OK Go
*The Last Time -Taylor Swift ft. Gary Lightbody


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