Zipping Around With Sr. Ann Catherine

My agency is honoring a few notable Wichitans for their work throughout the community, including Sr. Ann Catherine and Dear Neighbor Ministries. Larry Hatteberg of KAKE TV is doing a short video piece for us to show at the awards dinner, and so I tagged along in the name of work. Good choice.

Dear Neighbor Ministries is an awesome non-profit run by the Sisters of St. Joseph. The level of poverty in the area they operate is heart wrenching -truly. I still can’t wrap my head around it, but being in the Hilltop neighborhood definitely shed a little light on how much poverty exists here in Wichita. Sr. Ann Catherine drives around in a golf cart to assist those in the area. Every Catholic Sister I’ve met has been remarkable, and Sr. Ann Catherine is no exception.

For being 91, she really knows how to zip.


Larry attaching the GoPro to Sr. Ann Catherine’s golf cart.4 copy

Sr. Ann Catherine and her golf cart.


Making a delivery.


Right before Sister gunned it. I can assure you that both Larry and I almost fell off more than once.

Through My Headphones
*I Know Places -Lykke Li


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