Conquering Fears (And CreativeRush)

There are a lot of reasons why I love CouchSurfing, but one of my favorite reasons is that CouchSurfers always convince me to try something new. I knew Siegel for about three seconds before she asked if I wanted to do an open mic. I’ve always wanted to do an open mic, but fear can be a pretty powerful deterrent.

So there we were, on the stage of a mostly empty bar at 12:00 am on a Monday night, playing out hearts out. I was mostly terrified.

couchsurfingBryce’s Open Mic at John Barleycorn’s. Photo courtesy of Rose. Big thank you to Rose and Sophie for letting us drag them along to our late-night endeavors.

20130716_With_Couchsurfer_Siegel_01Siegel and I survived open mic night!

Here’s some news for you, kiddos. It’s hard to blog consistently without internet.

Continuing. Photos from CreativeRush at the Ulrich Art Museum way back when. String players John Harrison, Susan Mayo and Arleigh Aldrich spoke and would have inspired me to head straight home and play my violin had I not arrived home late and to sleeping neighbors.







Through My Headphones

*Everything Is Embarrassing -Sky Ferreira


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