DIY Countertop Table

I went to visit my family a few weeks back. They just redid their kitchen, but, since they knew how much I loved the old kitchen design, they saved a piece of this formica countertop for my dad and me to build a table with.


  • One countertop
  • Four floor flanges
  • Two six-foot galvanized, threaded steel pipes that will fit floor flanges
  • Four rubber table foot covers that will fit steel pipes
  • Screws
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Hacksaw
  • Pipe cutter


Assemble materials!20130625_Building_Table_Out_Of_Old_Kitchen_Counter_02

Cut each 6′ pipe in half. We used a pipe cutter to get started and then finished with a hacksaw.

Screw one floor flange into each corner of the countertop.20130625_Building_Table_Out_Of_Old_Kitchen_Counter_04

Screw threaded end of pipes into floor flanges. Put rubber floor toppers on each pipe. Photo by DF.

My mom had a few old wire baskets left over from the old kitchen, so we got extra fancy and created a little wooden runner under the table to slide in a basket.20130706_Homemade_Table_And_Rita_Kitty_03

Ta-da! Countertop sewing table. I asked Rita kitty if she wanted to pose by the sewing machine, but she was more interested in messing up the blinds.20130706_Homemade_Table_And_Rita_Kitty_02

Rita kitty reading!

Through My Headphones
*Tonight -Lykke Li


3 thoughts on “DIY Countertop Table

  1. Love the new kitchen, but miss the old. Especially the counter. Glad a piece of it lives on in your apartment.

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