I Want A Camera Obscura In My Backyard

I’m a bit of a procrastinator, but finally made good on a six-year promise and went to visit Claire in Cedar Rapids. It was a swell choice. 20130623_Cedar_Rapids_With_Claire_02

Camera obscura on the street corner! I think I’d like one for my future yurt’s backyard. Or my future straw bale house’s backyard. Or both.


Street view from inside the camera obscura.

Also, this is neat:

Claire with one of Candy Chang’s Before I Die toolkits in Cedar Rapids.

Through My Headphones

*King of Spain -The Tallest Man On Earth


2 thoughts on “I Want A Camera Obscura In My Backyard

  1. Found this blog searching the CR tag.
    Our New Bo District is turning out pretty sweet, huh?
    We had a huge flood basically destroy that whole area in 2008, and the city decided to make it a pretty cool little haven for local businesses and artists after rebuilding. The camera obscura moves every couple months so that it has a different view.

    • I love your New Bo District! It’s awesome. Thank you for the history behind the area and the camera obscura. My friend filled me in on the flood, but neither of us knew about the camera obscura. Thanks for reading 🙂

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