Adventures At Kanopolis State Park!

More photos from our trip to Kanopolis State Park a few weeks back. Per usual, it was a last-minute camping decision and although we failed to pack a camp-appropriate dinner (leftover Bei Wei that was unintentionally shared with a coyote or raccoon or something. At least I got my fork back.), we remembered to write down 10 or 15 Geocache coordinates.

Side story: The GPS is named Anthony after St. Anthony, patron saint of lost articles, because the GPS finds things. Clever. Also, I spend inordinate amounts of time losing my stuff and praying to St. Anthony to find it. He always does. He’s a champ.



Striking out to find the first Geocache.


We came across this nice little water crossing…


…that we realized we needed to cross.


We got a little damp. It was fun. The following Monday, I told several coworkers that, in the name of Geocaching, Dustin and I waded nearly up to our waists in a stream shared by a lot of horses. I think my coworkers came to the mutual decision that  it is good that I am Adventure Buddies with Dustin and not them.


First cache found!


We had to cross a lot of things, like a field of poison ivy and prickly bushes and who knows what else. Also this marsh. So marshin’ we went!


Marshin’ results.

The end.

Through My Headphones
*When I’m Gone (radio version) -Anna Kendrick
*Cheating -Jack Steadman


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