And Then My Yurt Dream Was Potentially Dashed (Heartland Farm, Pt. 2)

More photos from last weekend’s Heartland Farm adventure!


20130525_At_And_Around_Heartland_Farm_Great_Bend_Kansas_03Cheatgrass. Rumor has it that it got its name because it looks like wheat when it first comes up, leaving farmers feeling cheated when it’s not.


Visiting a neighbor’s alpacas. I think it’s Anna (l) and Gracie (r), but don’t quote me…20130525_At_And_Around_Heartland_Farm_Great_Bend_Kansas_05

This frog (toad?) was not a fan of my camera. I had to do some sneaking to get this.

About two years ago, I stumbled into a yurt in the middle of Gustavus, Alaska. My life was instantly changed and thus grew my new life goal of Building A Yurt. Too bad I discovered Shana and Jared’s homebuilt straw bale house last week.


Their straw bale house near Great Bend. I forgot to ask if I could post photos of the inside, but I can assure you the inside is just as fantastic. Side note -Jared used to be an AmeriCorps member at Inter-Faith Ministries too. Small world.

Anyway, unfortunately this discovery led to a big dilemma. What if I need to build a straw bale house instead of a yurt?? Maybe I should build both a yurt AND a straw bale house???

Almost-Actual Conversation (because it’s been a week and I can’t remember it word-for-word)

Me: Oh hey Dustin how was Europe?
Dustin: Awesome!
Me: OK, well that’s fantastic. So-I’m-pretty-upset-right-now-because-I-thought-I-was-supposed-to-build-a-yurt-in-my-life-but-now-I’m-afraid-that-it’s-supposed-to-be-a-straw-bale-house-and-I’m-just-really-confused-right-now-about-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life-and-what-does-life-really-mean-and-do-you-see-what-I’m-saying?? WHAT. IF. I’M. NOT. SUPPOSED. TO. BUILD. A. YURT??

Somehow our friendship survived that car ride.

Also, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis -you’re so rad. Keep kicking them out.

Through My Headphones
*Same Love -Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Mary


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