Fostering Nash Kitty

About two weeks ago, Nash became my third foster kitty. Nash and I had lots of adventures in those two weeks, like the one where he sprinted outside into the night and I sprinted right after him. Or the one where the tornado sirens started up and we had a bit of a debacle getting into the basement.

Despite leaving behind three broken window blinds and a ripped shower curtain (I really needed a new one anyway), Nash is hands down my favorite foster kitty and it tugged my heart a little to bring him back to the Humane Society yesterday.

20130512_Nash_Kitty_01Typical scene: Nash debating between destroying what remains of my blinds (left) or climbing the screen door (right).

Photo on 2013-05-24 at 08.30 #2Being productive at work with… Oh, what a load of crock. We mostly just Photo Booth-ed.

Through My Headphones
*I’m Waiting For The Man -The Velvet Underground


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