Excelling At Farm Fashion

Adventure to Heartland Farm! One thing I like about driving alone is the opportunity to stop whenever I want. I barreled right past this tractor along Hwy 56, decided it looked interesting, and U-turned.

Near Windom, KS, I believe.

Want to know a fun fact? I spend a lot of time packing whenever I travel.

Ha! What a lie. I totally take 15 minutes to sort of throw some stuff in a bag. This packing method applies to any travel plans, regardless of size. Camping? 15 minutes. 10 days in London? 15 minutes. Moving halfway across the country? 15 minutes.


I did have a pretty big dilemma though as I packed for Heartland, so I turned to Eleanor.

Actual Conversations:

Me: OK, serious question El. When I go to the farm tomorrow, should I WEAR my overalls or just BRING my overalls for when I’m in the garden?
Eleanor: Well Kat, I think you should probably BURN your overalls. But go ahead and do whatever makes you happy.

Three days later…

Me: I took your advice and burned my overalls. (pause) Haha yeah right! I’m totally wearing them right now.
Eleanor: I knew it! The instant I saw your last text I was like: LIES!

See how supportive my friends are of my fashion choices?


Tree climbing in my overalls. 20130525_At_And_Around_Heartland_Farm_Great_Bend_Kansas_06Farming like a champ in my overalls. That there is cheatgrass behind me. I now know these things thanks to the three hours I spent pulling it from the garden. It’s still winning.

Through My Headphones
*Shelter -The xx


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