Bedsheet Shirts, Secondhand Finds, And Missy Elliott

A while back I bought a couple of secondhand bedsheets for something like $2.00. And also a dress pattern for little girls, because I can’t read and thought it was for adults. Good news -it was only 99 cents. (I think this is a song lyric now? Thanks a lot Macklemore.)

I decided to make it anyway, and successfully sewed an offensively short dress that sort of fit me. Terrified that my clothing would bring even more clothing shame to my family (double plaid? holey pants?? offensively short dresses???), I quickly flipped the hem up a few inches and presto! An appropriately long shirt!


One day my neighbors are going to walk into the backyard as I photograph and judge me even more than they probably already do. I mean, I’d judge myself if I were neighbors with me. (In case you’re unaware, I’m terribly awkward in all social situations.)


Unfortunately the appropriately long shirt is too small, and thus I fear this might be the only time I wear it. (Free shirt anyone?)


Levitating. With loves!

I know what you’re thinking here: “Kat. Another jumping photo? No wonder your neighbors judge you.” Well, jumping photos are really, really fun. Judge away.

Also, it’s been an adventurous week.

During an unfortunate car ride, the tension knob on my sewing machine was bumped. Attempts to fix it myself failed and finally I gave up and went to Midwest Sewing/Vac aka #1 Best Friends. Three minutes and $5.00 later, the tension was perfect and I was even more in love with Midwest Sewing/Vac than before. I decided to do the mature thing and buy a case for my machine. This is what we call responsibility.

Kids, let me teach you a valuable lesson and its name is secondhand merchandise. A new case was $39.99, which, no matter how deep my love for Midwest Sewing/Vac was, I wasn’t going to pony over. Kids, are you paying attention? Good. When in situations like these, ask the following question:

Do you have anything secondhand? 

Secondhand is good for a variety of reasons. Let’s focus on the top three:

  • There’s already enough stuff in this world. We don’t need to contribute more than necessary. Soapbox done.
  • Cheap. Cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap.
  • You get super cute things, like the adorable red sewing machine case below, for $10.00.

I’m so in love. So in love, I had to photograph it on two separate occasions (see photos above and below), plus send texts of it to everyone I knew. I just want to carry it everywhere, stop people on the street and demand they look at it.

Did you see the silver clasps? I plan to ask.
How about the inside? Did. You. See. The. Inside??
It’s fantastic, really, just lovely.
Look at this handle. Have you seen anything more adorable?!

At this point, they’ll probably start begging meekly, saying something like, Please! We just want to keep walking! And maybe I’ll let them.


New foster kitty is settling in well. The foster kitties generally stay in the bathroom, and so, as new foster kitty was settling in on Night #1, a tree root lodged in a pipe caused water to back up and  flood my bathroom and part of my room. Needless to say, foster kitty had full access to every other room in my house as the maintenance guys tried to make sense of the pipe situation. In that time, foster kitty managed to destroy 1 set of blinds, and get fantastically tangled in a couple others. We’re on better terms now, although he is trying to climb the screen door as I sit on my porch and type this. (Fun fact: Neighbor’s internet works best on my porch…)

Today, I thought I heard some Missy Elliot sampling on the radio, but my car informed me it was Ice Cube. I can’t find the song (shame, it was good), but I’m craving some Missy. Missy, you always make my days better.

Through My Headphones
*Lose Control -Missy Elliot


9 thoughts on “Bedsheet Shirts, Secondhand Finds, And Missy Elliott

  1. “My dress ain’t cost nuthin but seven dollars. / But I made it fly. And I’ll tell you why. / ‘Cause I’m cleva. . .”
    –Erykah Badu

  2. omg. sister girl. i LOVE that pattern. it’s so adorable. are you sure you can’t make it work/fit? seems like you own it. try for the love, it’s so cute (plus i cracked up that you bought the wrong size sheets to begin with). plus it would be a cute pattern for a dress, too.

  3. Fun fact: Before you even started to rant about it I was thinking, “What is this fantastic red case in these pictures??!” (You should probably hire yourself out as a secondhand shopper.) 😉

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