Impromptu trip to Arkansas with Dustin last week. In Wichita, we refer to the Arkansas River as the ArKANSAS River. We cut that out pretty quickly once we crossed the border.20130504_Central_High_School_Little_Rock_Arkansas_With_Dustin_Moore_01

Central High School, Little Rock, Arkansas20130504_Pinnacle_Mountain_Little_Rock_Arkansas_With_Dustin_Moore_01

Pinnacle Mountain. Rock scrambles! Views! Elevation! We were so excited! 20130504_Pinnacle_Mountain_Little_Rock_Arkansas_With_Dustin_Moore_04

View from Pinnacle Mountain.20130504_Pinnacle_Mountain_Little_Rock_Arkansas_With_Dustin_Moore_02

This beard happened and it was an excellent choice.20130504_Devil's_Den_Arkansas_With_Dustin_Moore_06

Devil’s Den State Park20130504_Devil's_Den_Arkansas_With_Dustin_Moore_04


We built this cairn. Clearly.

Through My Headphones
*Wildfire -Jeni


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