Sewing With Ms Dee Dee And My $5 Dress

I started taking a sewing class back in February. The sewing class is taught by Ms Dee Dee, who barely, if even, comes up to my shoulder. This isn’t terribly surprising as I’m freakishly tall. I adore Ms Dee Dee.

The first few weeks of class went well -I whipped out a few skirts and a robe with little trouble. Sewing, I discovered, gets sort of expensive pretty quickly, so I buddied up with Goodwill and started purchasing materials there. Fabric for  42 cents a yard? Yes, please. 99 cent patterns? OK!

It was at Goodwill that I purchased some ’90s Vogue pattern. I bought it because of the word “EASY” stamped across the front and its $1.99 price tag. Bargain.

Aside from a little trouble with sizing (the pattern’s previous owner had the audacity to cut the it to her size), the dress went together well.

Then came the dreaded right sleeve. When it comes to personal projects, I have very little tolerance for instructions and, in my haste, incorrectly cut out  a side panel, which made everything all sorts wonky. (This is because I’m a very high “S” and a very low “C.” The DISC assessment I took at work told me so.)

The next three sewing classes were terrible. In fact, I signed up for a second session of classes solely so I could finish the dress.

Ms Dee Dee is a miracle worker though and worked her magic, so the dress is done now. I’m quite pleased with it and I refer to it as my $5 dress (which is sort of a lie because I couldn’t find a long enough second-hand zipper and new zippers are expensive). Goodwill fabric and pattern for the win.

20130429_Homemade_Goodwill_Fabric_Dress_01New-old dress and new-new running shoes, which are pink. I’m surprised how much I enjoy them.

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8 thoughts on “Sewing With Ms Dee Dee And My $5 Dress

  1. wait. so it’s reversible? is that two different looks or is it just a twisted sister mirage with the cool action shot? i’m totally impressed (but where are the progress pics, lady?! 😉 ) this is a very cute dress!

    • Oo thank you! Sadly, it’s not reversible -just an action shot.

      I wish I had progress photos, but unfortunately I was way too agitated to take any! I think it would’ve been a lot of me scowling. Sad day. I’m hoping to try to make another one for practice and then I will take some photos.

    • I’m not sure how much I can teach you, as I am a beginner sewer. Regardless, let’s be friends! If you’re Wichita or nearby where I am, just holler and we’ll meet up for some sewing time. 🙂

      Or, feel free to e-mail me and I can do my best to point you in the right direction!

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