Not Potato Chip Mountain (San Diego Pt. 3)

Oh look. A post I never finished. Surprising.

Way back when I was in San Diego, Anne and Rachel asked if I wanted to go hiking. Duh. I hadn’t been near a mountain since Wyoming. So up IRON MOUNTAIN we went.

Iron Mountain is next door to Potato Chip Mountain. Potato Chip Mountain is supposedly a harder hike than IRON MOUNTAIN, but its name is Potato Chip Mountain. For appearance purposes, I am extremely glad we hiked Iron Mountain. 20130405_Iron_Mountain_01Right before we set out on IRON MOUNTAIN. Even the gate looks majestic.

Good music today courtesy of David Charles and Mr. Cole E.

Through My Headphones
*Ha-He -Just A Band
*The Other Side Of Mt. Heart Attack -Liars


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