Life Clutter, Creative Lulls, And Seals (San Diego Pt. 1)

I excel at cluttering things, mostly my life. I am a champion of the stupidest stuff. Like many people, I have a love-hate relationship with busyness. It got to the point where I was all but useless, so I went to San Diego. I saw it as a four-day opportunity to hang out with Anne and Rachel while unapologetically flaunting plaid. My affinity for plaid and inability to dress myself have now caught the attention of small children.

Below is an actual conversation I had at work with a four-year-old boy about my plaid shorts.

Actual Conversation:

Boy: Why do you always wear the same pants?

Me: (squinting) Don’t you have something to color?



This beach is cluttered with seals. My life clutter is unrelated to seals.

I’ve also been experiencing a creative lull for the last, oh, seventeen thousand months, which I (unfairly) attribute to my cluttered life. Life clutter is a personal choice. When I really want to do something, I figure out a way to do it. When I only sort of want to do something, I pull the I-Am-Too-Busy card. This card is a lie. We all know it’s a lie. Also, Anne told me it was a lie and Anne only speaks truth.



These seals are being lulled to sleep by the ocean. Seals and I have different definitions for the word “lull.”

Anne and Rachel are two of the most creative people in the world, so I figured I’d mooch off their talents. They’re writing a book on traveling to 48 states. Anne is captain of the Pirate Ninjas. Rachel writes fantastic About Me sections.

San Diego was fantastic and talent mooching sort of worked.I came home with enough inspiration to tidy my cluttered house and write things like PRACTICE GUITAR and BUY SKETCHBOOK on my daily to-do list and also my hand so I wouldn’t forget. Mooching hasn’t worked as well as intended, but attempts are nice.

(I did run into Mr. Cole E. this afternoon, though, and he assured me that creative lulls are OK and even necessary –sometimes you just have to switch things up. Cole recently felt the need to pick up the trombone for the first time since fifth grade. Perhaps my creative lull is caused by creative monotony since all I’ve done these past 12 months is photograph my couch and play the same three songs on my guitar. I think I would like a new sketchbook. And also my violin, which is several hundred miles north.)


20130406_San_Diego_Beaches_With_Anne_Dorko_And_Rachel_Williams_05 I think Seal On Right is envious of Seal On Left’s yodeling ability. I know I am.

Tonight was a good night to postpone all clutter, lock myself in the house, eat pancakes and make some sort of photo progress while listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who, most excitedly, have a new CD out April 16. Fantastic. Clearly they are not in a creative lull.

Progress Of Any Sort Made Since 6:00 pm:

  • 3 pancakes made and consumed
  • Tea Rex tea infuser successfully used for a third time (thanks Gina!)
  • Guitar exited from case and played
  • Teeth brushed and flossed
  • 2 photos toned. Sort of.
  • 1.25 blog entries written
  • 1 blog entry posted

Gracious. That’s a lot of prattle.

Through My Headphones
*I Love It -Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX


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