Fostering Fat Kitty

I’ve been volunteering at the Kansas Humane Society for the past year or so. It’s like having pets without the responsibility. It’s fantastic. Responsibility is a big thing for a 20-something-year-old who can barely take care of herself. Case in point: Tonight I opened a can of mock duck, dumped it on a plate, and called it dinner.*

KHS has a program where volunteers can foster animals not quite ready to be adopted. I decided to give it a whirl. Enter: 4Runner a.k.a. Fat Kitty because I think 4Runner is a silly name. Not like Fat Kitty’s much better, but you know, whatever. He has the largest head I’ve ever seen on a cat. Minus maybe Maine Coons because those things are ridiculously big.

Two parakeets are about the extent of my pet-owning ability. Two parakeets and a handful of goldfish. Naturally I was all but petrified about bringing a cat into my house.

It’s been several days though and, aside from a bit of an argument from 2:30 – 7:00 am when a chorus of meows started and did not stop, things have been going well between us.

Two things I’ve discovered about Fat Kitty:

  1. Fat Kitty never sits still. Almost never ever. Fat Kitty is constantly moving and nuzzling, except for when he’s sleeping like he’s doing now. If he weren’t sleeping, I would not be writing this because Fat Kitty would be nuzzling the computer.
  2. Fat Kitty is a talker. We’ve had lots of conversations. Some of these conversations happen at 1 am when I discover he’s escaped from the bathroom where he sleeps. I know he’s escaped because the meowing starts up next to my left ear and I shoot out of bed, startled and yelling choice profanities.


Fat Kitty20130322_Fostering_4Runner_AKA_Fat_Kitty_01

Fat Kitty being Fat Kitty.


Fat Kitty sitting still -a rarity.

*For the record, I’m considering making a loaf of bread to supplement my mock duck dinner.

Good song today. Thanks El!

Through My Headphones

*Dirty Paws -Of Monsters And Men


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